Welcome to Acrokin Engineering Inc. At Acrokin we like problems that challenge, that do not have an existing solution methodology. We seek out clients with visionary projects where the Acrokin team can provide a useful advantage through high quality mechanical design, analysis or manufacturing documentation.

Until I worked with you guys I thought they were top drawer

Chief Engineer, Bay area robotics company

Acrokin works with clients at any of the 4 stages of the product design process:

Concept Generation

With a broad experience base we are able to effectively study a problem and, in conjunction with our clients develop concepts that will guide the creation of a successful solution within the system constraints that can meet or exceed the project goals and reduce technical risk.


Our solutions are driven by detailed analysis. We are expert in the use of advanced analysis techniques including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the use of specialized  gear design software, system modeling and in-house calculation routines to support the design function.


Design is the synthesis of experience, analysis and creativity. Our  goal is to produce a 'right first time' solution and avoid costly physical iteration.


“The details are not the details, the details are the design” * We deliver precise manufacturing drawings and documentation that can include specific tooling and process details as well as the instructions necessary for the manufacture of the parts.
*Charles Eames