Racing Engine Oiling System

Concept, Design and Part Supply

NASCAR racing is a tightly regulated technical arena that aims to keep the racing close and the fans engaged. Our client, a competitive racing team with an engine development facility and close links to the engine OEM had embarked on a program to improve all aspects of the engine. The client had very good engineering skills, an aggressive approach to new technology and a tight deadline, the Acrokin concept had to show a substantial technology leap, and we had to demonstrate our ability to execute on the design as well as the part supply.

Our racing engine design skills made Acrokin a good fit for the design and supply of a system that would fit into the NASCAR mandated space envelope, improve oil scavenge efficiency and reduce the engine assembly time. The existing sump was a single volume weldment with remote pumps connected by flexible hoses.

The Acrokin solution divided the sump into 4 sections individually scavenged and filtered for debris. Each bay consisted of a new lightweight steel main bearing cap with a bespoke rubber seal to a cast and machined aluminum sump. The 4 scavenge pumps were close coupled to a cast manifold together with the oil pressure pump. Two simple feed and return plug-in connectors completed the circuit in the race car. To reduce costs they were the same part but colored red and blue. Stainless steel tubing and Acrokin o-ring connections were used for all oil transfer lines.