Rapid Casting

Casting and Tooling design, Part Supply

It's not always possible to control what happens when working with clients and suppliers but you can always control your response.

Acrokin was asked to develop some concepts for a new engine product for an international client. Our winning concept incorporated a lightweight centrifugal air compressor in the new design. During the design phase the manufacturer sent us a 3D installation model and we created connections to suit. After the associated parts were manufactured we discovered the 3D installation model was not correct. A quick phone call was sheepishly returned the following day confirming the error. While the model was wrong the supplier lacked the capacity to remake the incorrect part to match the 3D model in time to make our delivery date.

To recover the situation Acrokin created a casting tool, made a small batch of castings with our partner foundry and applied the confidential machining profiles that our compressor supplier had shared with us. The parts were assembled and the testing and delivery successfully achieved. While the project detoured from the ideal path Acrokin was able to absorb the extra scope and conclude the project successfully.