Automotive OEM Aftermarket Product

Engineering Design and Documentation

The automotive aftermarket can be an attractive opportunity. Our client, an automotive OEM wished to enter the market with a supercharger product for one of their new vehicles marketed with a performance theme. The in-house engineers lacked time to do more than start the engineering work. Acrokin took their concept and carried it through to a complete product, supplying renderings, rapid prototype cast and molded parts, a SEMA show assembly as well as manufacturing documentation in close consultation with the supervising Engineer and the manufacturing suppliers.

As the client was an OEM the supercharger had to be emissions  compliant, which required a charcoal absorber mat as well as a larger air filter to accommodate the higher airflow. Both were housed in an Acrokin designed molded airbox.

The supercharger and drive mounted to the front and rear of the engine and required some innovative design features to allow solid mounting while still having the ability to absorb variances in the engine length.


Considerable development of the aerodynamic features paid dividends in a cooler charge and increased engine power. Casting iterations were made by the Acrokin rapid casting process after reverse engineering clay flow bench models.
Having a single point of contact in the client organization kept the project efficient despite the large number of stakeholders across marketing, engineering, management and procurement.