Vehicle Electrification System

Accelerating product development time with an Engineering partner

Ten-D is a developer of electric vehicle solutions for Asian OEMs. They were recently challenged to deliver a demonstrator vehicle electrification system that showcased their e-Drive, battery pack and battery management system, CAN bus security system, and current sensor.  

With just one staff Mechanical Engineer and a 6-week engineering deadline to achieve a critical investor demonstration, Ten-D were carrying severe schedule risk for the design and prototyping of their new e-Drive and battery pack. Acrokin engineers were able to integrate tightly, and work in tandem with the Ten-D team, with regular conferencing, to achieve an on-time and under-budget demonstration to the investor. Based on the successful demonstration, and excited by what had been displayed, the investor immediately gave the go-ahead for showcasing the next generation of the products at Automechanika Shanghai.

Acrokin became a partner of Ten-D and supplied us with the talent and resources to supplement our engineering team. They helped us deliver the investor prototype and tradeshow model in record time and on budget.

Mike Ma VP Engineering at Ten-D Energies

Some of the new challenges were:

  • The next gen e-Drive was considerably more sophisticated with integrated motor and reduction gearing.
  • The quoted gear leadtimes exceeded the project schedule.
  • The battery pack was now modular with more complex connections and safety systems.

Acrokin Engineers again worked alongside the Ten-D team to help them meet their tight deadline. Two critical factors aided in the on time and on budget delivery:

  • Adding a flexible, experienced mechanical engineering team. All projects tend to have at least one peak that can affect the timing if sufficient resources are not available. Acrokin Engineers’ broad skillsets and team approach meant that they could apply more engineers at critical stages and scale back as the load reduced. The overall cost kept on budget, yet this flexible approach allowed them to allocate more engineers at key times. Acrokin also provided continuity by assigning the same Engineers familiar with the project and the Ten-D team.
  • Accelerated part supplies. Acrokin utilized their manufacturing network of trusted motorsport machining suppliers. Reducing scrap and late parts was achieved by carefully targeting parts to particular machining partners based on their strengths and the requirements of the part. This helped get parts machined quickly and accurately. As an example it helped cut a typical prototype gear delivery time from 16 weeks down to 5. 

These two critical capacities made working with Acrokin a winning solution for Ten-D.

Acrokin did a great job on the drive train project.

Jonathan Dawn Senior Mechanical Engineer at Ten-D Energies