Environment Monitor

Manufacturing confidence through nonlinear FEA analysis

Using experience gained from the hugely successful launch of their environmental monitoring technology, Chris and Pete from Pulse Labs knew that for the future development of their products they would need a team on-board that would bring more to the project than mechanical execution of their concept.

Acrokin worked with Pulse Labs to develop their desired aesthetics into a shape that exhibited the right balance of functionality to form, while achieving the required manufacturing and assembly improvements. Because the prototypes were printed the resolution and material variances meant the assembly features were not representative of the molded part. Acrokin's nonlinear FEA analysis of the snaps was key to developing the confidence to manufacture tooling and subsequently led to a very short development cycle.

We were very proud to be part of a product that sold out after its launch so quickly. To learn more about Pulse One go here. To learn more about Pulse 2, watch this space.